What brands of chargers will Circitas install? 

Circitas Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers in Farnham

Electric vehicle chargers have a special set of regulations in BS7671 which relate to safety and earthing. It is vital that your installer adheres to regulation.

This is covered by the entirety of BS7671 and specifically by a section 722 of our regulations

The items I will consider before installing your EV charger 

  • The suitability of your existing electrical supply: You may need to apply for a supply upgrade to cope with the additional demand, or we may need to consider a particular brand or technology of charger so as to enable an installation into your home supply.
  • The general safety, bonding, earthing.
  • Will the EV charger be located and used indoors or is it intended to be used outdoors

Circitas is not wedded to a EV charger brand, although I will need to advise, with guidance from you should you have preferences.

The technology of chargers varies between brands and models. For example their inbuilt safety features which relate to automatic safe disconnection under fault conditions and also to their ability to regulate power your house takes if your supply is limited or already heavily used. 

We will need to take these into consideration when a choice is made, so please be wary of purchasing a budget branded charger up-front, because there are types I may not be able to fit for you depending on your particular circumstances.

Circitas can install domestic EV chargers of your choice when they are fitted on your own property.

I work with you to provide what you need and where. 

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