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Replacement wall lights
New LED downlights
Down lights fitted
Low energy light bulbs

Downlight fitting

This is a typical "integrated" downlight fitting. It contains no user replaceable bulb, but is one piece with an estimated lifetime of ~50,000 hours. 
Lower quality lamps might be characterized by poorer reliability, poor colour temperature matching or lower output over time. 

​​​​​Incandescent and halogen lamps are obsolete

The shot on the left is about 50 halogen bulbs, downlighters from the ground floor of a recently overhauled property. Running this electrical installation for eight hours a day was costing the owner over £70 per month during the winter. Over their lifetime the bulbs in this photo would have been responsible for about 2.5 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions. 

LED lamps are solid state silicone emitting diodes, with a phosphor coating which re-emits the mixed white light you see. LED's are typically five to ten times as efficient as halogens at converting your electricity to light, and can provide considerable power savings. 

If You'd like to upgrade to some LED lighting in Farnham or in nearby areas, do give me a call for a quote.


If you like downlights (Some do, some don't), they are available is a big variety of colours, styles and light output. I can fit new downlights into ceilings, or I can replace your old and dodgy halogen set-ups. 
I will steer you away from bargain basement fittings, since despite the advances, there are manufacturers with greater and lesser ability to produce really good quality long lasting lamps. 

LED downlight replacement in Farnham
LED strip lighting in kitchen

Energy Efficient and LED lighting in Farnham and surrounding areas

LED cabinet lights
New LED lighting is needed here!

Halogen bulbs 

Halogen bulbs are a poor way to heat your house. They are also a leading source of house fires when the old cables and connections get too hot.

LED strips for cabinets

Modern LED strip lighting is marvellous stuff. It's available in a variety of brightness & colour options. It can be dimmable, or even colour changing, any length. This is me assembling a section of  LED strip into a heatsink. It will provide about 600 Lumens/Metre in a nice warm white, and give a very clear worktop kitchen light, to fit underneath kitchen cabinet pelmet.

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