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Ponds, summerhouses, 

Got a summerhouse of a pond? You may need some power! This is a summerhouse with interior and exterior lighting and a pumped waterfall pond.

garden lighting

There is a huge range of energy efficient long lasting garden lights available. However since the watery outside world is such a damaging environment for electrics, and can soon find design weaknesses and manufacturing faults, you will find me very selective about the brands and types of lights I'm willing to fit!

ElEctrical installations for your garden 

garden Electricity Needs special consideration

There are special considerations needed to use electricity outside of your property.

This extends from the design of the earthing system, through the mechanical and electrical robustness of the fittings, the electrical "Class" of the devices you want to run, (ie do fittings require an earth, or indeed, some are safer without one, and it's not provided), to "IP ratings" (which means how easily water and dirt can get inside). You also the need for the additional protection afforded by RCD's. 

In many circumstances SELV (Separated Extra Low Voltage) for lighting systems would be a good choice, since this runs at a low safe voltage.

Cables can run underground, or sometimes fixed to a wall. We frequently fit steel wire armoured cables, or sometimes areas might to chose an externally rated tough rubber cable. I won't fit internal cable outside since it can be damaged by UV  light and weathering.

Who's this chap?

I do my best to make space for all the creatures which emerge from your garden :)

New Garden underway?

Power and lighting in a new garden construction

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