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Home maintenance, it's not all electrics, we need to do it all. 

Reclaimed parquet

This gorgeous floor in pitch pine began life in an Ascot church. 

Ventilation systems

This interesting collection of pipework is a loft mounted heat exchanger for MVHR "Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery" system. I tend to work in retro-fit more than new build. These provide filtered, dry, warmed air and eliminate much of the heat loss which would happen with open windows. 
​It's the only way to go with a modern efficient house. 
These toys with all their bulky ducts, are so tricky to squeeze into existing houses, I'm debating with myself whether to do any more. You could always tempt me though. 

​I'll take on whatever is necessary to complete your job

Electrics is my mainstay, but there is rarely a job which is just electrics! In this line, we need to build and repair woodwork and cabinets, fine finishing or "first fix", some kitchen fitting and plumbing, even roof work should I need to go up there to fit a Mechanical Ventilation duct! 

I'm no plasterer,  but I can handle a trowel to tidy up the openings I make in your walls and ceilings, dry-lining and finishing is just the skill. 

I'm a fan or architectural salvage, and will do my best with what's there. You might spot in these pages a few great internal and external projects with hardwearing and rot resistant green oak. It's such good value and easy to work, there are always some pieces in the back of my van.

Of course I used to work with microwave radio design and electronics in mobile phones, so the big stuff mostly comes quite easily! 

New kitchen?

This is a child-sized play kitchen, built from leftover kitchen worktops. 

oak kitchen sink shelving 

..Well it was green oak (ie fresh) when I made it, - it's like iron now.

Green oak shed

I'm quite proud of this. It's fully insulated (walls, floor roof, cosy little shed in green oak with a steel roof. The door came from a bloke in Warminster, the insulation from a kind customer who couldn't dispose of his excess. The double glazed windows happen to be some I bought for my own house thirty years ago and got left over! 

Plaster dry lining

"Dry lining" is a skill perfectly suited to repairing all those nasty openings I might need to make in your walls and ceilings. - 

​Its all about the way you kind of twist the trowel..

(So if you want me to talk you though this, I can do (..It's a Smith chart). Not much use  fixing houses though. )

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