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The amount you will save depends upon whether you are on "deemed" 50%, or have an actual export meter for your PV. It also depends on how much of your daily electricity you already use for your household. 

Typically on a 3.5 KWP system, over the year you might for example be exporting about 1750 KWH. This is enough energy to heat 50 tonnes of water from 10 to 40C, or about 180 hot baths ! *

* ie we have 1750 x 1000 x 60 x 60 = 6.3 GJoules 
and 6.3 Gjoules divided by the heat capacity of water (4200) times 30C equals 50000 KG or 50 tonnes. 1 bath is about 0.275 tonnes, hence 180 hot baths! 

Both the Solar iBoost and the Immersun operate by monitoring your PV exported power, and driving it to zero by sending the excess to your hot water tank *. This way you will always get the maximum benefit from your solar PV. 

 Circitas can supply and fit an Immersun or the SolarImmersion in Church Crookham or Farnham or surrounding areas, provided that to your you already have Solar PV installed. The SolarImmersion would be typically £350 installed and working. 

If you have these

Solarimmersion free hot water

Immersun and SolarImmersion for free hot water in Farnham area

If you would like to make use of the Solar PV power station on your roof to heat your hot water, why not fit an Immersun or a SolarImmersion ?

These clever gadgets monitor the export of electricity and drive your immersion heater(s) with a power which matches your excess power production. This enables you to make some really worthwhile reductions in your water heating costs. 

Over two summer months, John from Surrey says: "The Immersun is working fantastically - over 200 KwH of free hot water to date and we have only had to put the boiler on on a couple of occasions" 

Immersun Solar hot water installed

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Have you got PV on your roof? Do you want to make more use of your power? 

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