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Electrical periodic inspections
Landlord safety inspections EICR

Your report

I'll compile the results I've taken in your property during the day, and produce your report.

EICR reports


..It's not a quick job. Please allow time for me to be thorough. 

Wiring safety checks

The types of faults typically uncovered in existing properties might be open circuit cables, high resistance junctions, sockets or switches,  inaccessible & faulty junction boxes, inadequate or dangerous lack of earthing or earth bonding, exposed live connections, exposed basic insulation, incorrect cable rating, water damage to cables, rodent damage .

Circitas Ltd for electrical Periodic Inspections in Farnham. 

Landlords, you need these

Digging down 

How much of this is hiding beneath your floor? You can only know by having a full test and inspection. 

​Ask me for a Periodic Inspection

If you are a landlord, you have a legal duty to ensure the electrical installation is safe. One way to do this is to have Circitas carry out a Periodic Inspection. and produce an "Electrical Installation Condition Report" (EICR). Information for Landlords. I offer EICR safety certificates for landlords in Church Crookham or Fleet or Farnham and surrounding areas

Even as a householder without tenants, you may like to have an inspection, perhaps you are concerned about the condition of your electrics, or you are selling your house.

Something worth bearing in mind is that a full Periodic Inspection (leading to the document you need, which is an "EICR"),  is a significant piece of work for an electrician! Even a typical UK small to medium house is often a full and exhausting day's work for me. You will find me behind bedroom cabinets, turfing out your old stuff below the kitchen sink where only spiders live, and removing light fittings and wall switches.

I have seen "drive by" type reports where the "inspector" has nipped in and out, leaving tests incomplete, or sometimes even shockingly dangerous items unnoticed. - Do beware of anyone completing an EICR in a couple of hours. 

Condition reports

Note that a "Periodic Inspection" can be colloquially called a "safety certificate". The EICR report I produce can't magically make your installation safe if it contains faults, but it's purpose is to let you (and me) know what needs to be done to get there.