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Planning the work can be a significant overhead, but can't be underestimated.

Expert Work

Circitas Holds a Master's degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering, and is a member of ELECSA competent body as a Part P "Registered competent person". 

Circitas House Electrical Wiring in Farnham

Give me a call for a site visit and estimate

I can sometimes provide over the phone estimates, but more often than not I will need to visit you to check the safety of your wiring or to make a survey before I can provide a cost. 

For small jobs (say individual fixtures or small alterations) I'll provide an hourly rate. For larger work (re-wires, extensive alterations consumer unit replacements) I'll provide you with a written quote after I have seen what you need. 

Estimating electrical work isn't straightforward, especially with old properties which might have many existing faults. 

But whether your job is large or small, I'll be flexible and will provide you with my best estimate either on the spot or within a short time.

Circitas Ltd.  For electrical wiring in Farnham or Church Crookham or surrounding areas.

Free estimates for electrical work


Plans and diagrams are always helpful !

Design of garden electrical projects
Electrical wiring design
Rewire LED lights

Samples and examples

I can sometimes provide samples and examples, but will always do my best to fit in with what you need.

Circitas Ltd
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Circitas is a Registered Competent Person Electrical