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Justin Needham
Electrical testing

Circitas Ltd, Electrical installations from your Electrician IN Farnham 

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A note from Justin Needham

Circitas Ltd is an Elecsa approved  Part P  electrical contractor and Electrician in Farnham, with also a wide range of practical building experience.  

The mainstay of my business are domestic electrical installations, from house re-wires, to safety certificates to installation of additional lights or sockets.


"We have been impressed with Justin Needham's work, devising much needed improvements to our electrics He worked thoroughly, with extensive knowledge of the various options available to us and all the  applicable regulations."

​​​​​​Circitas is your flexible Electrician 

Circitas is open for business


In addition to installing and fixing your electrical installations, I will take on many related building and carpentry tasks to a high standard.

I take the energy our society is consuming very seriously, do ask me about any other energy saving measures, I have experience with heat-pumps, passivhaus, and retro-fit of remedial insulation.  

I have a deeper background designing mobile phone radio electronics. Though I tend not to find so much use for that beneath your floorboards! I have a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering.


Circitas is a Registered Competent Person Electrical
Circitas Ltd
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